When you no longer see your life through the eyes of your own limitation or through the eyes of others expectation. You have the opportunity to tell a different story altogether”


This is a program dedicated to transformation. I want to show you how to walk through your past so you meet yourself renewed. I want to show you how to look through a different lens.

One that serves, your greatness. 

Once you are there, together we will plan and implement your empowering future. This program will show you how to stay grounded in the knowledge that no matter what you have the power to be, do or have anything you desire.



Week One 

We have to start at the beginning. Time to take a walk through your past with curiosity and wonder. In order to move forward first we have to look back.

MODULE 1, 2, 3

Week Two

The most beautiful thing about our walk together is we get to witness the events in a new way. We discover self-compassion, self-love and self-worth. Because we get to choose how we view it. We get to meet ourselves again. Renewed. 

MODULE 4, 5 & 6.

Week Three

So now what? Now you have access to a new lens, what’s your next move? How will you think and feel differently? How will your actions change? Let’s find out!

Module 7,8 & 9

Week Four

The future is just a direction we go in. We build our future in the moment. One decision at a time.

Module 10
Celebration Call

I would go as far as say, this has been one of the best courses I’ve ever done.
Charlotte is an absolute delight to listen to and she has made a Massive impact on me.
I’ve loved the no pressure approach and at no point have I felt I need to get the work done to keep up with others, I’ve actually felt it’s been a relaxed yet mind-blowing experience which I’ve been able to work through at my own pace, in fact I’m still working through it.
Thank you Charlotte you’re a total inspiration and a beautiful human being

I cannot say how my life has changed from finding Charlotte, I really hope we will always be connected ❤️. I still have work to do on Revolution but just being here has helped me so much. I do see things differently, I believe you can manifest things in your life and that you do have control over how you feel. Its not all simple sailing for most of us but Im learning how to deal with this with life’s curve balls thanks to Charlottes ! The big issues I thought I had are diminishing and are not so big and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Self sabotage is such a negativity in our life but we can turn those negative thoughts around and learn to deal with them. Thank you Charlotte, I know I have a lot more work to do but my mindset has changed so much from Revolution and I am looking forward to the next session in September. ? Life is a journey and with you in it, it has definitely been richer – Thank you so much Charlotte ??

Finding Charlotte has been a revelation! I have felt for a while that I have untapped potential and have been surprised and frustrated to discover a variety of limiting beliefs! Charlotte has not only helped me understand the source of this self-sabotage but also given me the tools to work through it; to come out the other side stronger, enlightened and free!! Thank you ?

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4 Weeks full immersion into all things you. Time for you, time to reconnect, time to re-discover the truth of who you are. This is a self study program.






2 x £280