Being stuck in scarcity and lack when it comes to money and wealth sucks! I know I’ve been there, in fact, I spent the first 35 years of my life there!! I want to help transform your mindset, attitude, and energy around the subject of money! I know you want to achieve big things! I know from experience that this is almost impossible until you get grounded in the knowledge that you are worthy, deserve and have the ability to create more abundance in all areas of your life. This is about internal wealth! However, it has been my experience that internal shifts manifest into your external reality! I’m SO EXCITED to show you how.

Hey, I’m Charlotte and I was NOT born with a great money mindset! I grew up in a mining town in the midlands! Phrases like “I want doesn’t get” “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and an almost hourly “We can’t afford it” meant that I grew up spending every penny I had (and more) with the attitude ‘ I better enjoy it while it lasts’…..because it never did…

People with money were like these other people that lived on this other island, they went on lovely holidays and drove nice cars, while I looked on in awe and with envy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go without, my parents did their best with what they had, they both have great taste so always went for quality over quantity… there was always enough but never any more and if there was, it would be spent.

Despite all this, I had a knowing that one day I would create something special… and from a very young age, my attitude has been well it’s available to ‘them’ then it should be available to me…

Do you relate?

I moved to London at 19 and my flatmate and I would frequent the best bars and clubs where a cocktail cost the same as a meal, we’d buy a bottle of house wine between us then hope that we would get bought the odd drink! So my 20’s were sort of me going from career to career waiting for it to happen… not being entirely sure what ‘it’ was!

Fast forward to my 30’s, I was now a single mother on benefits having left a 10-year relationship that involved a lot of money trauma! So much so. that when I met my now-husband even saying the ‘M’ word filled me with anxiety! I realised that if it was to be it was up to me and I started my first business, I grew that to a turnover of over £1.5 million…

I was earning more money than I had ever earned! I thought this is it!! I’ve done it! – 7 years later I’m almost bankrupt!

Why? Because my mindset, emotions, energy and connection to wealth hadn’t changed! I’m ashamed to admit that immediately after this photo was taken I ran to the toilet and cried because it wasn’t ‘enough’ to pay off the debt I was in, I mean WTF is that all about?!

Things had to change! I had to change… Not long after this photo, I started a brand new business on my own, from scratch…with more lessons and more growth, but with that came more happiness, more alignment, more love, more fulfilment and again more income but this time it is soooo different!

NOW I run a successful coaching business that gives me FREEDOM! I am time rich, my health has gone through the roof, I’m still a ‘stay at home’ mum. The income means I have been able to hire a team that now support me, giving me even more time to just do what I love to do…

And this is just the beginning…….

I want to teach you what I have done internally to change my external situation. I feel the biggest growth area is going from lack and scarcity to calm and abundance….NO MATTER WHAT circumstances we find ourselves in!

We are going to transform your mindset, your emotions, your energy and your connection to wealth and money…

  • Shift your wealth mindset, less worry and more trust.
  • The ability to make more aligned decisions.
  • A limitless expectation level around your ability to attract wealth.
  • Shift your limiting beliefs around money and wealth
  • And more…
  • Learn how to navigate your emotions around wealth.
  • Less emotional spending.
  • Build your trust muscle.
  • Eliminate fear shame and guilt.
  • And more…
  • Understand the energetics of money.
  • Release control and attachment.
  • Use your energy to create abundance.
  • Master your ability to flow.
  • Understand the power of faith!
  • Connect to your inner powerhouse
  • Connect to your vision of what is possible for you
  • Widen your perception of what is available to you!
  • Walk your path with purpose and integrity

This is a self study course with lifetime access!

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